Hotel Management System Full C# Project 2019

By | March 27, 2019


Hotel management system
The ‘
Hotel Management System‘ is developed to maintain the details of customer reservation information, track customer details and also maintain information about the availability of hotel rooms.
By using this project, users can know all the details provided by the “Hotel Management System”. Users can see the availability of rooms and dates to book in advance.

In the same way, in this project there is a more involved user, he is the most important person who can control all the information and also make the necessary changes when they arise, it is called “Administrator”. He can do the updates and set the prices of the rooms and change the name and password of the users

The hotel management system offers the following features.

1. Check In Customer Details

2. Details of the client’s reservation

3. Room availability information

4. Check Out details

5.Searching the customer’s details.

This application is developed using the Windows application in C # .Net.

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows 2000/xp/Vista

Front End Software       :  Microsoft Visual studio 2005, C#.Net

Database              : Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Hardware Requirements:

Processor             : Pentium 4.0(1.6 GHz) and Higher

Memory               :  256 MB

Hard Disk            : 40 GB


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