Library Management System Project in PHP With Source code & SQL

By | June 12, 2019

Project Name: Library Management System Project in PHP With Source code & SQL

Language Used: PHP

Database: My SQL


Web Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA


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This person is the person who controls the entire system; You can insert new books into the system so that any student can get his book satisfied through a search engine. Update the books so that any book that is there recently can be updated according to the desire of each student to obtain and update the version of the same book.
Delete any current book that is there or more removed or any student. Display a list of possibly downloadable books from the bank book in the administration panel.
Manage students by deleting, adding, activating and deactivating as well.


The student must register in the system before logging in to fill out a form and provide credentials such as: username, email and passwords that will be saved in the back-end database. Once the student is registered, he / she can log in and carry out their legitimate functions and privileges. Each student has a dashboard, when he can perform functions such as:
Search for a book: search for interested books through a search engine, if the searched books are available, they will be returned otherwise, no books will be returned. Do not worry, you can notify the librarian of any book you choose, update it and notify you when it is ready.
Book issued: the book that the librarian has given him: his name, id, the date of issue, the date of delivery and the date of return of the book.
Messaging: You can send a message to the administrator or the librarian of any possible book that you can not find in the system.
Update profile: the student has the ability to update their profile, change their emails, passwords, names, mobile phone numbers, addresses, etc.

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