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By | March 15, 2019

Project Name: Student Registration& Fee System

Language Used: PHP

Database: My SQL


Web Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA

Software: XAMPP Server

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Actors of the system and user.

The system has two main actors and each actor has its characteristics to carry out in the following way:


Admin is the person who controls, monitors and maintains all system monitoring. The main functions of the administrator are:

To maintain and track the total number of users in the system.

You can add, activate and deactivate any user.

Add new notice and send notice to registered users

Show previous notice and Manage previous notice

Update password


The student is a knowledge seeker, or a more theoretical word, an apprentice. The student must be registered and log in to the system before he / she carries out his / her functions.

Student registration

Log in

Verify notification sent by the administrator

Profile update

Update password

Close the entire system session

Language used to develop the online Bulletin Board

Interface: HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap

Middle end: PHP

Back end: MySQLi

Installation guide

Student Registration& Fee System Project

Unzip and change the name (if you want to change the name of the project)

Copy and paste the unzipped file into www or htdocs (www if using the WAMP server, use htdocs if using the XAMPP server)

Create a new / blank database called “notice_board”

Select the newly created database and import the “notice_board.sql” file from the db folder

Student Registration& Fee System is one of the applications to improve the use of the notice of the college by making it available online.

Download : ” Click Here “


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