ARS-Airline Reservation System PHP project Documentation (Free Download in .doc)

By | August 29, 2019

Airline Reservation Tickets PHP project Documentation (Free Download in .doc)

PROJECT NAME: ARS-Airline Reservation System PHP project Documentation


Online Airline reservation system is to allocate an option to customers to book the tickets online and to check the testimony online. This system will   help   company to dispose of the flight tickets online. Before the ARS people find many problems that the people come to the airport and save their seats and as well as inquire the time of flight from representative. To overcome these difficulties the “Online Airline Reservation System” was introduced.

1.1   Purpose

The purpose of the ARS is to eliminate the many difficulties/problems   that occur to the people in the ARS and as well as make it easy for the customers that save the flights and they will able to utilize the project to make their reservations modify reserve seat and cancel that reserved seat.

1.2     Scope

The Online Airline Reservation System provide many facilities to the customers that find many problems in the early systems for reserving their seats.This type of systems and software provide the facilities to the passengers and customers to see the flights and their allocated time.As well as it will provide the facility to preserve the ticket or modify and cancel that particular reservation.

  • Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviation

ARS-Airline Reservation System

OARS-Online Airline Reservation   System

OS-Operating System

GUI-Graphical User Interface

HDD-Hard Disk Derive

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