Honda Car Sale PHP project Documentation ( Free Download)

By | August 26, 2019

Honda Car Sale PHP project Documentation ( Free Download)(Free Download in .doc)

PROJECT NAME: Honda Car Sale PHP project Documentation

1.         Introduction:

  • Introducing of online Honda car management system:

 Here we are introducing the proposed system which is a software developed   to purchase and sail the car of Honda company online.

Earlier there were no such systems that would tell the Online Honda Car system on local level. If there existed, they were either at national level, or either at large scale level. Even after getting such system at local level, the user would get the latest models detail as soon as the new model of Honda Company is avail. 

This software will help the user to get all these facilities in your own home for just installing this software.

1.2   Purpose:

Online Honda car managements system is the application of science and technology to inform people about new models and technology. People are interested in new model of cars according to fashion, and formally since the nineteenth century. Especially for those people who are wasted time dealing with different people or may be at internet and magazines’, this application is very helpful for sailing and purchasing of any type of model of the Honda Company.


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