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Online Notice Board
Objective of Online Notice Board Project

An online notice board is a place where people can leave any type of messages and notifications, for example, things to advertise, events announce or any information provided.
Notice board can be used on digital devices such as computers, tabs, mobile phones etc.

This online notice board project is very helpful for all types of users like existing users and new users. So the administrator can leave and notify the notification for other people to read and see.

The main objective of this free online notice board is that the information dissemination is very easy in a paperless community as the world tends to interact with the online notice board facility as a project, online notice board administrator can send notification to the special students This work is available online for the college campus or college fest participation, libraries dues, hostel room payments, any workshop registrations, warnings and reminders etc., any new activity happens in the online notice board project, all the work is very easy and understandable.

This online notice board work is usually intended to act as a support system for all users.
By the help of free online notice board users can not access information and articles quickly, not only in particular premises, wherever and whenever they need to know.

Online notice board usability is fully capable of passing relevant notifications and announcements, and keep users updated from time to time.
The students are kept updated every time with the online notice board for the application based on their preferences with respect to departments and categories via a notice board online.

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Actors of the system and user.

The system has two main actors and each actor has its characteristics to carry out in the following way:

Admin is the person who controls, monitors and maintains all system monitoring. The main functions of the administrator are:

To maintain and track the total number of users in the system.
You can add, activate and deactivate any user.
Add new notice and send notice to registered users
Show previous notice and Manage previous notice
Update password
The student is a knowledge seeker, or a more theoretical word, an apprentice. The student must be registered and log in to the system before he / she carries out his / her functions.

Student registration
Log in
Verify notification sent by the administrator
Profile update
Update password
Close the entire system session
Language used to develop the online Bulletin Board
Interface: HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap
Middle end: PHP
Back end: MySQLi

Installation guide
Download Online Notice Board Project
Unzip and change the name (if you want to change the name of the project)
Copy and paste the unzipped file into www or htdocs (www if using the WAMP server, use htdocs if using the XAMPP server)
Create a new / blank database called "notice_board"
Select the newly created database and import the "notice_board.sql" file from the db folder
Open your browser and enter the URL "localhost / Online_notice_board".

Online notice board is one of the applications to improve the use of the notice of the college by making it available online.

Download : " Click Here "

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