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Title of the project :
Point Of Sale Inventory system
Summary :
Here you can keep track of any organization or staff.
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PHP online
SQL Server

Point Of Sale Inventory system

Point of sale is a laravel project that is known as POS. POS is a very easy tool to use. This project can be used in any type of retail store, where the purchase and sale process is carried out. The Point of Sale System is easy to use and can handle multiple invoices and look for the option of open invoice and look for the product from POS and can make a Purchase Order to the Supplier and a Coupon Card and can export the Report in PDF format and Gain and Loss and more. Easy to configure the application. Multiple points of sale can be used online, mobile devices, iPads, Android tablets or laptops. Responsive on any device.

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Completely 100% sensitive and dynamic;
Good role management;
Bulk loading of the product list in xlsx;
Warehouse and batch management system;
Safer platform;
Show all brands and list of suppliers;
The administrator can set the VAT / global tax or in a single product;
The system can generate coupons and export as pdf;
Each product has a unique bar code sign;

Daily, monthly and annual report of purchase, sale and income details;

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