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Advance College Management System in PHP | Source code with DB

Advance College Management System in PHP  is the project of senior students. In the school administration system, the administrator can easily insert updates and delete data from any student or staff or teachers at the school. The school administration system is also like the school management system, but in the school management system we can only insert the data of the students. At school, the school administration system can easily update all the data on a daily basis.

Advance College Management System in PHP  The use of PHP and Bootstrap is a powerful Advance College management system that facilitates processes. With a beautiful design and clean code. It makes all four types of users have effective communication and a faster educational process. We are happy to present our software, we are sure you will love it
Characteristics of the Advance College Management System in PHP 
Good login and user registration front-end

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You can use this project on your computer. Localhost server Link Wamp or Xamp, etc. It is easy to use and helps you change this PHP project in your last year projects. If you need more projects, there are several projects on our site VISIT Click and find the project according to your needs. 
Advance College Management System in PHP 

Features of Advance College Management System

Online exams
Study material

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Feature List

Excellent brands and activity management with beautiful spreadsheet
Daily attendance of students and teachers with reports
Class programming, teachers and exams
Awesome news and events section
Discipline with behavior reports and permissions
Payments, expenses and payment methods with the Nice invoice

Advance College Management System 

An excellent way to collaborate


7 different languages
4 types of user accounts

Administrator, teacher, student and parent

Fully responsive

It works perfectly on all devices.

Premium design

Multiple themes and easy customization

Development support

Calm! We will help you



A) Installation of the Advance College management system

To install the system and use it for the first time, create a Phpmyadmin database.php database and then open the file located in application/config / database.php and enter the data "hostname" "db_user" "db_name" and "db_password" with the data obtained when creating your database.
Advance College Management System in PHP 

B) Configure base URL

Once you have done that, go to PHPMyAdmin and import the "fantastic_school_admin_db" database that is in the uploads / install.sql path.

Almost ready, now the last step you should do is go to the application/config / config.php path and change $ config ['base_url'] to the URL where you will install the script.

Frontend College website

Bulletin board
The backend ERP notices
Event List
The events created by the administrator from the interface configuration
College gallery
Galleries with images that the administrator can display on the website
Admission Form
A simple admission form for offline/manual admission
Teacher profiles
Profiles of the teacher with their contact information
Contact page
Page for viewers from where they can contact the school administration
Advance College is the most complete and versatile College management system. Advance College Management System provides the most advanced backend ERP with a frontend College website, a WordPress plugin, an Android application and an iOS application. Regardless of the platform you want to use, 
Advance College Management System in PHP 

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Administrator Login

Username: Admin

Password: 33742527

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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