Hospital Management System in c# with source code

Hospital Management System in c# Hospital Management System in c# Windows Application with source code Download. Clinic Management system in c# desktop Application for free. Hospital Management System /Clinic Management System use to manage the complete Hospital or clinic.

Project Name: Hospital Management System
Platform: C# Desktop Application
Programming Language: C#
IDE Tool: Visual Studio 2012
Database: MSSQL
Database Tool: MSSQL

Hospital Management System in c#


Hospital Management System in c# Hospital Management System Developed in c# and Database developed in MSSQL. This project makes Hospital/Clinic totally Paper Less From OPD to Finance.


Out Door Patient.
Indoor Patient.
Laboratory Management system.
Employee Entry.
Doctors records.
Complete Patients Records.
Patient History.
Medicine Record.
Leave System.
Hospital Supportive staff records.
Hospital Medical Staff Record.
Hospital Paramedical Staff record.
complete Nursing Record.
Pathology Record.
compete for billing.
Salary Scale.
Overall Employee Salary History


All deals/Invoices report
Deals By Patients report
Patients Report
Date astute deals report
Date astute Patient  installment report

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Password: admin
Hospital Management System in c#

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