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Youtube Watch time and views increase Software Free download

 What Is Watch Time?

Watch time is the total accumulated amount of time people have spent watching your video on YouTube. YouTube has confirmed that Watch Time is a important part of their search and discovery algorithm. Youtube Watch time and views increase Software Free download

Best Practices

Increase Audience Retention

As it turns out, the same strategies that boost Audience Retention will also increase your Watch Time.

(After all: If someone stops watching after 5 seconds, it’s not going to do your Audience Retention or Watch Time any favors). Youtube Watch time and views increase Software Free download

Why 4000 Hours of YouTube Watch Time is a Major Creator Goal

With that all being said, let's get into the mindset. This is something I frequently talk about with creators who have these types of goals in mind. If you start a YouTube channel with the sole intention of getting 4000 hours of Watch Time, and 1000 subscribers, and then monetizing your content, then I'm afraid to say, the majority of you are never going to make it.

First of all, you're thinking far too much about yourself, as opposed to your audience. Second of all, it's too big a goal to achieve when you first start out on YouTube.

__4000 hours of Watch Time is a lot. It's 240,000 minutes or to put it in another way, it's a single person watching your content continuously for 166.6 days. __

If you publish your first video on YouTube, and you get just an hour of Watch Time out of it, over the first week, I would be pretty satisfied with that. Not going to lie - 4000 hours of Watch Time is hard for a reason. Youtube Watch time and views increase Software Free download

YouTube wants as much data as possible out of your content so that it can trust you with their advertising partners. Remember, it's not YouTube who's paying you directly, it's those advertisers. YouTube essentially is a middleman in this case, and it needs to make sure that the content it broadcasts on its platform doesn't create controversy. There has been a whole ton of that in the last decade.

__And this is where we've ended up, 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of Watch Time. __

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Now, some people may disagree with this but I believe YouTube doesn't owe you anything. They allow you to broadcast your content to a global audience for free. When you are, over time, able to prove yourself to your audience and YouTube, then yes, let's start making some money together. But don't see monetization as an entitlement, see it as a privilege. Work for it, earn it, respect it.

You have to wait 60 seconds.

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Why Evergreen Content is the Key to Watch Time Success

Take a look at these stats. They are real-time view counts for some of our best-performing videos on the video YouTube channel. Notice anything in particular? Take a look at the publish date:

Almost all of these videos were published more than six months ago, and yet today they still bring in thousands of daily views for us. These videos work for the channel days, weeks, months, even years after I've published them.

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You've probably heard of these types of videos before. They are evergreen content, and we've done a very detailed case study into how we implemented that strategy into our channel:

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