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World Trade Center Footages

 World Trade Center Footages

This blog discusses all the footage of the World Trade Center in an effort to preserve history.

Denise Deshazer, 28 at the time, was on the 79th floor at WTC when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated; she recorded with her own video camera; she gave it to NY Daily News; NY Daily News broadcasted her footage.

A candid moment in history today is not historically significant like it was years ago; most of these news agencies want footage for future reference

"The same thing is true about a lot of first responders and other eyewitnesses who have first-person video of what happened. They all want to share them with us, but we can't download them right now because we can't process them fast enough," said Nick Denton, founder of Gawker

Cameras today are much more sophisticated as well as their storage devices allow for lengthier recordings.

Videos & Images

WTC 8th Floor Footage - with History

published:25 Jun 2016

WTC 8th Floor Footage - with History

WTC 8th Floor Footage - with History

published:25 Jun 2016


Watch the entire story on the 8th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center after it was hit by the plane:

Read more about this video:

How To Import Footages.

My computer won't let me import any footage so I've been using free online services for years out of convenience. Unfortunately, they don't always work.

Fortunately, I've been using a program that is now offline. If you're into history, I highly recommend downloading Avastar.

Haven't used it for years but I tried to import a couple of footage with Avastar. It worked without any problems.

Time For That 'Bail Out' Video.

Ever since I got my camera in April of 2012, I've wanted to make a video explaining how the New York Stock Exchange works.

The NYSE is the world's largest stock exchange, just north of the World Trade Center in New York City.

How To Edit Footages

I think that all of the footage has been captured, so I'm going to use Avastar to edit the footage in a few clips and then splice them together.

I think that Avastar works better than any of the online services I've used.

Laying Out The Footage.

My footage is not lined up in any sort of order, but I think it's more organized than most footage.

I don't think it's very difficult to line up the footage, but I'm going to be very careful so that I don't mess up.

There are 2 areas that I'm going to be focusing on. The first area is the stock exchange floor.

The second area is a bit further.

Building The World Trade Center 1970s Stock Footage

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published:24 May 2016


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